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Michael O'Toole
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I'm a railfan and i love the new show T.U.F.F. Puppy, and a Fan of the King of Pop
And I'm Proud to be a Brony.


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Hello everyone, Its me Trainman3985

I guess everyone is wondering what kind of a journal I'll be typing today well I'm sure my the tile you'll got an idea about it.

Well I guess I should start off by saying, After seeing some videos I'm starting to think one of my all time favorite steam engines is going away and maybe forgotten, I'm specking of curses of Challenger steam engine 3985. I am worried that the railroading fandom is going to change and at one of Americas all time loved steam engines will gone.

Before you all start typing comments let me explain, Please note I'm not telling this story to ask for pity but to enlighten you on what's going through my mine. 

Now I'm sure you all may ask me: Michael what is it about the 3985 you like about?

Well there a number of things, It cud be that its a steam engine, It cud be its black, It cud be cud it was in a movie, But for me there's on resin why I love the 3985, It was my first engine I saw from Childhood, Back Win I was a little boy my mom would read me train style books start with "The little blue engine that could" and then coming to "The Railway Series" AKA (Thomas The Tank Engine) then my mom win I was 7 years started taking us to are locale Drug Store and buy us milkshakes then we go to the old Southern Pacific train Station in my home town San Jose CA, We would then watch trains from, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Burlington Northern, AT&SF, Amtrak, Amtrak California and Caltrain (Commuter Railroad) and then one Christmas (I think it was 2004 or 2003) My mom gave me a 5 dick DVD set about trains, there was so many but the one that stock out in my mine was "Challenger 3985 DVD by Railway Productions" I was amazing that the 3985 and from then on i said to myself, "Someday i'm going to drive the 3985" (Now you all know why my user name is Trainman3985) Thats a Childhood dream i'm still pursuing to this day. So it was thanks to the 3985 I got into real life trains. It was the first ever steam locomotive I ever saw and it left a ever lasting make on how I looked at trains.

Now you next Question is: Why I am worried that were not going to see the 3985?

Well this were it comes down... now before anyone ask, Yes I hared of the big boys, yes there bigger then the Challenger's and yes there more powerful then the challengers, Do I dislike them? No, Do I hate them? No. I do like the Big Boys I think there cool and big and monasteries and just like any steam locomotive there like the Dinosaurs of are time and wow just lesion to one of them win they thunder on by. Infect I have seen 3 of the 8 surviving Big boys: The first one was 4014 win it was still on display in Pomona CA, Before it was being fixed. The next one I saw was the 4012 at Steamtown in Scranton PA before it was cosmetically restored throw we may she her also being restored to operating conduction, Then the third bigboy I saw was 4005 to me out of all the bigboys the 4005 is unique cuss it was the only bigboy to be rebuilt to run on oil. So I do have a good likening for the big boys. Win I hared the news that Union Pacific was going to buy back on of there bigboys and bring it back to life I was so thrilled at I thought this going to be a sign that "The old steam trains are rolling out angina" But as time win on I thought everyone was going to forgot the 3985 what made this more hurting was that I was on steam one day and some say; "Union Pacific is going to scrap 3985 or put it back in static display for the 4014" and then there was comments saying 4014 was now going to be the worlds largest operating steam locomotive ever Just so many videos about and everyone talking about 4014 that my love for the 3985 was just it was just about to be crushed... I thought great now everything going away, everyone will forgot the 3985 and my dreams of seeing and running the 3985 were crushed and just like some fans of the 3985, I thought great its all over now... And after seeing a video of 4014 in the show next to 844 no one machined the 3985 and I thought crusts is every is forgetting 3985 now!? Now this is not the first time I got upset about it, One time I was talking with my sister and the 3985 and 4014 come up and she said something about how 4014 is going to be the worlds largest engine ever now, I got a little upset about it and after she asked if I was jellies I got mad and yelled at her and I almost lost and to this day I still feel ashamed for that.

Now you all at this point are asking: Do you think the 3985 will still run?

Yes yes I do think that, Now again I do not have anything or nor am I against bigboy 4014 being resorted to operating I mean I'm still into the bigboys and I've visits 3 of them so I do like the big boys, Plus to be fair  Union Pacific just needs support for help bring the bigboy dream to real life, Its like the PLA resorting SP 9010 at first they were just going to cosmetically restore it but cuss they got so much support they changes it from cosmetically to full operating condition, Also I don't have any problem with Union Pacific at all, But I do wish they had let Southern Pacific work and not buy it, I really licked Southern Pacific and it take a vary long time till I expired that SP was a bet by Union Pacific.

Plus something Tells me 3985 will still be the Worlds largest Operation Steam Locomotive, Cuss like Steve Lee (UP Steam mangier) said a Bigboy if left on coal can run only between Cheyenne and Laramie. If it was converted to oil you still can run it cuss of its size and weight. I have hared that beside running from Ogden Utah throw to North Platte Nebraska they also run as far as Denver Colorado and funny enough Union Pacific during there operating career they were cleared all the way throw to Los Angles but there not much report of them ever traveling there at all. Plus the 3985 has been all over the US weather its run in Canada and Mexico I don't know but the 3985 is a big engine but its lighter then the big boy.

(again I do not have anything or nor am I against bigboy 4014 being resorted to operating I mean I'm still into the bigboys and I've visits 3 of them so I do like the big boys)

What also made me feel better was I ask on Facebook "Is UP going to scrap or put 3985 back in display for the 4014? " And the answer were No Union Pacific was not going to do anything like that, Plus I saw a Video on YouTube that was in the Steam engine Shops during an Open house and the a member of UP steam craw said, The 3985 has reach a point were the FRA law orders us the fix and renew the blower so after we restoring the 4014 we going to do work on the 3985 so it will be a while but yes the 3985 will run again.

So it looks like a 50/50 for the 4014 and 3985 fans, For witch will be the worlds largest steam locomotive? I don't know but that's something for another time.
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If there was a fight who wood win it… 

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If there was a fight who wood win it… 

37 deviants said Sation Hale
28 deviants said M Bison


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